What Happens Now?

Once your product is ready for the market, Ramping up factories for production can be costly and time consuming; Padtech's production ramp process minimizes costs and speeds to time market.

Tooling up

For most consumer products, tooling (molds, dies, jigs, etc.) is useful to make parts in high quantities reliably and cost effectively. When you order tooling through Padtech, you own that tooling and are entitled to request its release at any time.

Manufacturing tooling is highly precise, one off work. It can take up to six weeks to manufacture and test new tooling. Once made, your parts can be produced with consistent quality in vast quantities.

can't wait that long?

If you need to ship production parts right away to fulfill unexpected orders or to seed markets with samples, our Mass Prototying service has you covered. MassProtots.com can rapidly produce short runs of your parts without tooling to bridge the production ramp gap.

first articles

We provide production samples for your approval before moving to mass production. Once you are satisfied with the parts coming off the line, mass production can begin.