Get Hands on With Your Ideas

Our prototyping service,, offers unbeatable value and flexibility for low volume prototype and test market production runs that are the key to the success of any Kickstarter launch.

Mass prototyping is

  • Low cost, fast turn-around prototype and hardware beta test production runs
  • Completed overseas
  • One week to ship
  • Same factories as production parts, prototype in the real world

flexible, responsive, affordable

Local prototyping houses are too expensive to use for more than a few prototypes and revisions at a time. Most production facilities are also uninterested in the business due to the low volumes and high degree of iteration from run to run.

Mass Protos Factory Partners fill the gap

  • Fraction of the cost of local prototyping
  • Why have 2 prototypes (locally) when you could have 10 (from us)
  • Revise as many times as needed