Get Us Involved

We like to get involved early in the product development process. Padtech offers value added advice on manufacturability, project management, and product launch strategy. Involving Padtech early in the development process can help you:

  • Design products that are easier to manufacture and less prone to failure
  • More accurately forecast your time and cost to market
  • Build a reliable, single source supply chain for your new products

We also offer design and development services for those who have an idea and aren't sure how to get it ready for prototyping or production. For more complex or ambitious projects, Padtech can involve a network of trusted industrial designers and engineers as needed.

Get Hands On With Your Ideas

Our prototyping service,, offers unbeatable value and flexibility for low volume prototype, test market, and ramp up production runs that are the key to the success of any Kickstarter launch.

Mass prototyping is

  • Low cost, fast turn-around prototype and hardware beta test production runs
  • Completed overseas
  • One to two weeks to ship*
  • Prototype in the real world, many of the prototyping facilities are also production facilities

flexible, responsive, affordable

Local prototyping houses are too expensive to use for more than a few prototypes and revisions at a time. Most production facilities are also uninterested in the business due to the low volumes and high degree of iteration from run to run.

Mass Protos Factory Partners fill the gap

  • Fraction of the cost of local prototyping
  • Why have 2 prototypes (locally) when you could have 10 (from us)
  • Revise as many times as needed

What Happens Now?

Once your product is ready for the market, ramping up factories for production can be costly and time consuming; Padtech's production ramp process minimizes costs and speeds up time to market.

Tooling up

For most products, tooling (molds, dies, jigs, etc.) is useful to make parts in high quantities reliably and cost effectively. When you order tooling through Padtech, you own that tooling and are entitled to request its release at any time.

Manufacturing tooling is highly precise, one off work. It can take from four to twelve weeks to manufacture and test new tooling. Once made, your parts can be produced with consistent quality in vast quantities.

can't wait that long?

If you need to ship production parts right away to fulfill unexpected orders or to seed markets with samples, our Mass Prototying service has you covered. can rapidly produce short runs of your parts without tooling (when possible) to bridge the production ramp gap.

first articles

We provide production samples for your approval before moving to mass production. Once you are satisfied with the parts coming off the line, mass production can begin.

No Such Thing As Business As Usual

Once your product is in production, there is still a lot left to manage. We offer a number of services to insure that your supply lines are reliable and hassle free.

Quality management

We will work with you create a quality assurance process in-keeping with ISO 9001 standards and tailored to the needs of your products. We have engineers available to visit and work with factories directly to meet your quality needs.

turnkey Assembly and packaging

Padtech can spec and design your packaging and assembly process for finished goods. Receive parts that have been quality checked, assembled, packaged, and that are ready for sale.

supply chain management

Padtech offers full supply chain management so that you can focus on growing your business.

We can manage in-bound logistics to get your products directly to your enterprise customers or fulfillment houses. Why warehouse parts, when you can ship "just in time" factory direct? With a tie in to your ERP or SCM system, we can conduct data-driven production forecasts that ensure that you will always have products where and when you need them with minimal warehousing and stocking of finished product.

continuous improvement

Even the best engineered products are faced with unforeseen challenges in the real world. We integrate feedback from our factories and your customers to create, suggest, and implement improvements to your products.